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Hello and Welcome to a place for descriptions of Spreads and/or short stories with illustration(s) created by Visual Thinkers. Content bordering on the bizarre is encouraged. Feel free to blur "accepted" standards of sanity or reality - Just remember to balance your words with perfect poise & decorum while crossing the lines.

Blue Desire

Posted By SHElogic on Aug 2, 2009 at 10:25PM

"Keep the guests happy and the cold drinks coming exactly like I asked My dear, and after the party's over, you might end up in My red chair... Maybe even wearing the Blue Pendant of My Desire."

Andrea nodded eagerly at the prospect of becoming the prize of her Mistress' stable.

Viva Terra at ShopStyle

Preparing Dinner w/ No Arms

Posted By SHElogic on Aug 2, 2009 at 10:01PM

A beautiful young woman with no arms is waiting on her guests to arrive. Her hands & arms are still at the salon where she left them, being painted decoratively by the mehndi lady...

Pottery Barn at ShopStyle

She wonders quietly if her hands and arms will be delivered before her guests arrive to allow her to show off the exquisite designs rendered in henna, or if she will be forced to forgo the flambeau and stick to belly dancing...

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